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A learning and development community helping professionals ignite workplace unity through DEI


...Because Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Doesn't Have to be Tough

The Calling All Allies Project (CAAP) is bringing together professionals of all backgrounds who are ready to disrupt the status quo to find simple and innovative strategies to make substantial progress in the diversity, equity, and inclusion field. From DEI and HR leaders to professionals who are passionate about DEI, this community is for you!

The Inclusion Squad represents a community of ACTION-TAKERS who are leaning into the discomfort that is required to spark true change in our workplaces. You will be equipped with practical strategies to elevate your cultural competence and enhance your DEI acuity, all while networking and connecting with like-minded professionals.

Membership Benefits

  • Monthly DEI Learning and Development Events
  • Live Q&A Office Hours
  • Free Admission to CAAP's Annual DEI Conference 
  • Networking & Peer Support
  • DEI Committee/ERG Support Group
  • Activate Your Allyship Challenges
  • Curated DEI Research and Resources

The Calling All Allies Project is committed to ensuring that the Inclusion Squad community represents the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion and will not allow members to post content or engage with others in an unprofessional or inflammatory way. This is also an a-political community. Political commentary that is not directly related to the workplace context is not in alignment with our community guidelines. Thank you for helping us create a safe place to advance the field of DEI.

  • Can my employer pay for my membership? Absolutely! This community provides resources for professionals and is not a social group. It definitely qualifies as a professional development resource that your employer would invest in. If you need a "Convince My Boss" letter, please email us at [email protected]
  • Do you have to already be a CAAP client to join? Not at all! This community is open to professionals who have a need to accelerate their DEI competence. If you have that need.
  • When does the special launch pricing end? Right now, we are closing the launch special pricing after we reach 100 members. There is no guarantee when that will happen, so please secure our special pricing immediately. If you need time to get approval from your organization, email us so that we can save a place for you.
  • Can I cancel at any time? How do refunds work? For monthly plans, yes, you can cancel at any time. If you have an issue to discuss with our Member Success Team, simply email [email protected] for assistance.

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